Your customers matter
We improve their experiences

Spinach is a Customer Experience agency working across several sectors with diverse clients.

Gartner predicts that 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience.

Customer Service

If you are an organisation that sells a product or service then the experiences your customers have are crucially important to your overall success. Improving your customer journey and the experience your customers have will improve your sales and repeat revenues.

Innovative Technology

Technology evolves at lighting pace. Making sure your business is using the best technology is critical.

Content & Design

The two elements that every organisation must use to communicate with customers effectively.

Our Approach

Great customer experiences don't need big budgets or large teams to facilitate them. They do need careful research, planning and innovation. We use a varied toolset in order to help your business improve your customer's experiences.


Our first step is to fully understand your business and product(s). Then we can begin to improve.


Carefully researching your competitors and sector helps us define your strengths and weaknesses.


Using all the data we can capture we review every aspect of the customer journey.


Always ensuring we are using the most innovative products, technologies and practices to push your business forward.


Working with your team to implement positive change so that your customers are always informed, valued and loyal.


Constantly reviewing the process to make sure we are making an impact on the business.

Get in touch

We are always interested to hear from companies who are looking to improve their customer experiences. Get in touch via email or telephone for a no obligation discussion.

What can you expect?

Aside from a highly experienced, professional consulting team; we always deliver value to our clients and importantly, their customers. In turn this will generate a positive return-on-investment and long term growth opportunities for our client’ business.

Why hire us?

Generally it’s quicker and more apparent for an external company to uncover issues within your customer journey. All of our consultants are passionate not only about great customer service but also retention and making the world a slightly better place today than it was yesterday.