Digital Security Consultant

Digital security must be considered BEFORE you have a security issue not after.

The cyber threats today are vast and brutal. Many attacks are not personal or targeted at you or your organisation, they are automated and executed on mass.

The consultancy I offer helps companies and (most importantly) individuals, become aware of the risks and the steps they can take to protect themselves.

It’s too late to wait until you become a victim to then start thinking about digital security. The time to act is now.

Digital Security Services

Personal Digital Security

For individuals or company employees that want to review and strengthen their digital security.

Corporate Digital Security

Companies that need to review, implement and train their people to properly protect their business.

WordPress Digital Security

Anyone running a WordPress website should be aware of the techniques to secure their website and protect their data.

Shared Hosting Companies

Having hundreds of potentially un-secure websites and applications on your infrastructure is a massive risk. Your responsibility to your customers is to take digital security seriously.