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I love helping people improve their businesses and make their professional lives easier.

Richard Johnson
Business Consultant

Why do we need a consultant?

Everyone has experience in certain areas of business. You can’t be expected to learn everything though; hence a consultant is a great option. You can also use your consultant as and when you need them, rather than taking on an employee.
Agencies are great but sometimes they are limited by their technology or particular focus. Having someone step in from the “outside” can breath a fresh perspective and bring innovative solutions to your business.

How we work together

Experienced in working with large and small organisations


About Richard Johnson

An experienced business consultant specialising in best practice
strategies in order to help improve companies.

Since my very first job I have been improving processes and helping people. This is why I enjoy being a consultant. Every day I get to help other professionals solve problems and hopefully make their lives a little easier.

The experience I’ve gained working with large businesses, I adapt to suit the needs of the smaller companies I advise.

Businesses I’m looking to work with can be: owner managed or small to medium enterprises. Large corporations are not appealing to me as there is usually too much red tape and it takes too long to achieve great stuff.

Career Summary

  • Business Consultant (what I do now)
  • Director of Sales & Marketing, Digital agency
  • Head of Online, Full service agency
  • Operations Manager, CMS vendor / agency
  • Web designer / developer, Fashion company
  • Professional photographer


+44 207 112 8859

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