We want to see you and your business grow. That's our mission.
— Rich Johnson, Lead Consultant, Spinach

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We have been working with businesses of all shapes and sizes for many years now.

Our experience spans across many sectors including: FinTech, Financial Services, Data & Publishing, Retail and Travel. The scale of businesses has varied from start-ups to larger, national and international organisations.

If you have a business challenge and could use some new insights, we would love to discuss them with you.


External Evaluations & Advice

Business Consulting

A fresh perspective on your business operations always generates positive changes and growth. Sometimes the anwser to your commercial problems needs to be highlighted by an external advisor.

Business Strategy

Working closly with the business owners or leaders to develop an actionable strategy to take the business to the next level.

Sales & Marketing

Full sales pipeline review, evaluation and recommendations. Marketing strategies that fit your sales goals and capabilities.

Training & Developement

We provide in-person and virtual training across all areas and technologies. Helping your people grow.

People & Change Management

Many people are scared or reluctant of change. This is where you need to carefully take them on a journey. We can guide you.



The backbone of most modern businesses. Having the right technology in place can be the difference between a well oiled machine or a slow restricted business.

Digital Transformation

Helping businesses improve and build on what they have achieved so far.

Digital Modernisation

Working with business leaders to define the path for digital modernisation and implementing this at every level.

Platform Procurement

We have helped many company plan and select the most appropriate software solutions for their businesses to grow.

Data & Analytics

Setting up the most valuable tracking metrics and diving into the data to create insightful business actions.

Contacts & CRM

Helping organisations structure their contact management systems, selecting the most appropriate tools and training team members.

Digital Security

Advising clients on digital security best practice, tools and current business risks.

Their work provided the perfect basis from which to help the company grow.
— Chris Yearsley, Profercy


Who we help

One of our clients is: Profercy, a leading publisher in the global fertilizer market. They established in 2004 and are a key player in providing insights and analysis across Nitrogen, Phosphates and Potash.

"Spinach helped transform us from a firm bogged down by IT processes to one empowered by our systems."

"They took the time to understand our business, challenged our brief where necessary, and delivered an improved online presence integrated with our back room applications."

"Their work provided the perfect basis from which to help the company grow."

We have worked with many organisations, including: Boots, Oxford University, Aperio Intelligence, Hargreave Hale, Goodman Jones, The Electoral Commmission and Youth Cancer Europe.


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